How to use

For many of us being organized is not in our nature that is why there are several things that we tend to forget or miss doing during a particular day. However, this should not be the case because no matter how less important that thing is, we should make it a point that we are able to do it at the required time so as to prevent any hassles.

In order to do this effectively, there is a newly designed application that would help us be reminded of the things and activities that we need to comply each day. This application is known as the To Do List. In this application, all you need to do is input the title and description of the task on the space provided, followed by the due date. After that, click the add task button. Once the task is added, it will then be displayed in the Pending box. If you want to add another task, just press the Clear Data button and repeat the procedure.

The To Do List App is definitely a very useful app. Aside from showing the pending tasks, it also displays those tasks that are currently in progress and those which have already been completed. In this way, we can track our progress, whether we are right on track or not. Indeed, the To Do List application is very reliable especially to those who have plenty on their plate.

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