Having so much to do in one day is definitely a tiring job. How much more if it requires us to constantly remind ourselves of our schedule so as not to miss any of it. Therefore, web application developers have designed an app that is solely dedicated to making your life much easier. In this app, one will be able to jot down all of your tasks including the date when you should be reminded and the details of that said task. It is just a click away from your mobile phone or your computer perhaps, whichever is it that you oftentimes take with you wherever you go.

This online application that we are talking about is the To Do List. From the name itself, one could already tell the purpose of such application. And sure enough, it is definitely designed to allow each of the user to input their to-do list. The To Do List application is easy to use. When you are logged in to the app, you can see the Add Task portion on the right side of the screen. This is where you are asked to input the necessary information regarding the task. Once you finished inputting everything, it will then appear in the Pending box.

Then, when the time comes for the performance of the task, it will then be moved to the In Progress box. And finally, when it is done, it will transfer to the Completed box. The To Do List app is definitely a use-friendly app.

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